Create an Inspiring Office Space

An office environment optimized for productivity, creativity, and satisfaction requires thoughtful design. Elements like ergonomic furniture, abundant natural light, and lively artwork make a measurable impact. The Granary offers stylish, comfortable furnishings to help build inspiring offices tailored to teams. Read on for insights into designing motivational work areas through considerations of layout, nature, lighting, ergonomics, and amenities.

The Desk and Chair Combination to Go the Extra Mile

An ergonomic desk and chair optimised for your needs are essential investments for a comfortable and productive workspace. Quality office chairs enhance comfort whilst promoting healthy movement, so, look for customisable features like seat height, armrests, and lumbar support to prevent strain, and provide day-long support. Chairs with wheeled bases and 360-degree swivel enable mobility in open floorplans, while movable modular lounge chairs in collaborative areas allow quick reconfiguration.

Equally important is a desk with ample surface area to spread out projects, avoiding a cramped feel. Sturdy construction withstands daily use without wobbling. Integrated drawers and shelves keep supplies accessible yet tidy. An aesthetically pleasing desk projects professionalism whilst accommodating your work style.

An ergonomic workspace tailored specifically for you inspires focus and creativity. Here at The Granary, we provide customisable, supportive chairs and desks enabling movement, proper posture, productivity, and comfort without physical strain.

Personalizing desk spaces with photos, accessories, and memorabilia helps people feel comfortable and inspired at work. Though office’s design sets the overall vibe, adding personal touches to individual desks makes people feel at home and gives them a sense of ownership. To make a  desk domain of your own.

The Office’s Circadian Rhythms 

Proper lighting is essential for an uplifting workspace. Strategically place adjustable desk lamps to illuminate individual workstations as needed. Overhead pendant lights brighten shared conference and lounge areas. For maximum brightness, paint walls light neutral colours and keep windows unblocked. Seek out warm lighting that provides a natural glow while avoiding harsh fluorescents, such as the use of smart bulbs to simulate healthy outdoor light cycles.

Positioning desks near windows connects people to outdoor views and natural light, if too bright use curtains and shades to filter glare yet still allow plentiful natural light to stream in. Allowing abundant daylight to permeate the space boosts moods, focus and a connection to the outdoors. With a combination of ample natural light and adjustable task lighting, workspaces feel well-lit, inviting and interconnected.

Remove the Barrier, Bring Outdoors In

Incorporating abundant plants and greenery brings the rejuvenating benefits of nature into indoor offices. A mix of small desk plants like succulents along with larger corner plants infuses fresh oxygen into the office while providing calm pops of colour and soothing textures. Additionally, letting people choose the plants will create a personal connection to the living foliage and fostering an uplifting mood and improving focus.

The Granary offers stylish planters and natural materials like wood or stone furnishings to complement the décor whilst grounding the space. With ample integrated plant life, the indoor environment feels connected to the invigorating outdoors.

Pondering the Eyecatching Office Art

Hanging vibrant, uplifting artwork stimulates creativity and gives people visual elements to stimulate them throughout the day. Bright colours hugely impact mood, energy, and aesthetic appeal, when applied to wall paint, furniture, or artwork. If the goal is to create a calm yet pleasant workspace, then a muted tonal palette is best for larger furnishings, whilst weaving in pops of accent colours by displaying vibrant plants, wall art or decorative objects enlivens the space. Seek out pieces with colourful motifs like flowers, trees, landscapes, or inspirational messaging. Allowing people to provide input on artwork selections ensures the choices resonate on a personal level.

All Work and No Play? Try Relaxation and Collaboration

In addition to individual work desks, it is important to build in spaces that allow people to come together, collaborate and recharge. Create casual lounge areas with comfortable couches or chairs and counter-height tables and stools for informal collaboration sessions.

Even in focused work environments, people need the ability to periodically take short breaks and mentally unwind. Develop inviting break rooms furnished with cosy seating and small tables, with access to outdoor spaces like a patio or garden providing fresh air and sunshine, allowing rejuvenation.

Having well-appointed common spaces for collaboration, connection, and relaxation fosters productivity. People can gather, share ideas freely, nourish their bodies and minds, then return to their tasks feeling inspired and focused. The balance between individual and shared spaces nurtures the wellbeing and creativity of all workers.

A well-appointed office considers how layout, ergonomics, nature, lighting, and amenities affect energy, focus, and collaboration. Strategic choices of furnishings from The Granary creates workspace environments designed to enhance wellbeing while empowering people with furnishings customized for their needs. An inspiring office feels energizing yet comfortable, striking the ideal balance between work and rejuvenation.

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