Study Room Ideas

In recent times, working remotely has become a norm and the need for a comfortable and functional workspace has increased significantly. Creating a dedicated study room or home office is essential for a productive work environment. A well-designed space that is functional and comfortable can help you stay focused and motivated. In this article, we will discuss some study room ideas and furniture necessities to help you create the perfect study room in your home.


A desk is a vital piece of furniture in any study room, and it's important to choose one that is both functional and comfortable. Consider its size, height, surface material, and storage options, the Kiruna desk impresses us with its interesting design and attention to detail. It is manufactured to the highest quality and comes with enough storage to keep your workspace organized. To effectively organize your desk setup and storage configurations, restructure your workspace and re-evaluate what you need most often. 


A comfortable and ergonomically designed chair is essential for any study room. Look for a chair that offers ample support for your back and is adjustable in height to suit your desk. Ergonomic chairs, like the Holly dining chair or the Metro High Back, are designed to prevent back pain and provide extra support and comfort during long hours of work. The Holly boasts compact shape and sleek design with a retro edge to any modern home decor. While the Metro’s padded backrest and soft seat provide the perfect combination of comfort and support, making it an excellent choice for your study room.

"Creating a dedicated study room or home office is essential for a productive work environment. A well-designed space that is functional and comfortable can help you stay focused and motivated."


Organization is key in any study room. Invest in organizational tools like shelves and a bookcase to store everything in their respective places, creating a clean and tidy space. The Butterfly Shelves provide a unique and innovative way to store clutter, adding an artistic flair to your study room and it doubles as a unique coat hook.

The Asher bookcase is a must-have for any study room. It not only provides ample space for storing and organizing your reference materials but also adds a touch of contemporary style to your space. Additionally, the sliding doors allow you to keep your items hidden, making it an excellent storage solution.


Proper lighting is crucial for a productive study room. Natural light is best, but a desk lamp for task lighting is also necessary to avoid eye strain. The Stands Matt Black Tripod Base is a stylish and functional option that can be customised with your choice of lampshade to elevate the look of your workspace. It provides a clean and contemporary look and is perfect for any desk or small workspace. Or perhaps the Present Time Enchant Table Lamp is the right choice for you with its chic and adjustable lighting solution for when you need a more directional light source. Proper lighting is important for your health and productivity, so don't overlook this aspect of your workspace.


Personalize your study room with decorative accessories that reflect your style and personality. The Granary offers a range of Wall Art, to add inspiration to your workspace. While for a contemporary touch, the Karlsson Wall Clock has an easy-to-read face to keep track of time as you whittle away the hours. Alternatively, the sleek and compact Karlsson Table Clock designed by Armando Breeveld is a more sleek and practical option and is also available in dark or light wood colours. 

Enhance the atmosphere by adding plants, as they improve air quality and reduce stress levels. The Granary offers a variety of Plant Pots & Planters to complement your decor without turning your study room into a jungle! 

Creating a study room that’s right for you is crucial for a productive work environment, by investing in the right furniture and accessories, you can transform your space to meet your needs. The Granary offers the essentials to help you craft a well-designed and functional space. Remember to prioritize your comfort and productivity when designing your study room, and don't be afraid to get creative with your decor. With these ideas and furniture essentials from The Granary, you can create the perfect study room in your home.

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