Meet Our Team

Meet the exceptional individuals who make up our extraordinary team here at The Granary. Our team is composed of talented professionals who bring a diverse range of skills, expertise, and experiences to the table to help you on your journey to making a living space that’s right for you.

Heather Manager

Hi, I’m Heather, I’ve been managing The Granary for 6 years. I have a degree in fashion and textile design. I’ve always loved fabrics of all kinds, inspired by my grandmother, who was a lacemaker. After working in fashion for 8 years, I took my career on a tangent into the art world. This really brought my attention to what people love the most, their home, and my interest in interiors developed from there.

Designing a space is fun to me, although I understand so many people don’t feel this way and can be daunted by the thought of changing their room. I aim to be a partner that will inspire enthusiasm and confidence in their decisions and take the difficulties out of the decision.

Looking into the future, there is so much change in the world, and I’m very interested in living in a sustainable way. I love finding solutions that will work and adapt as people’s lives and needs change. A good piece of furniture will translate well into different scenarios, sometimes this means switching things around a little, adding a bit in, taking a bit out, repurposing in a different way, there are so many ways to be creative with your home!

Top Tip: Everything we do in the home, from a quick tidy up, to treating yourself to a newly designed room, is an investment in your personal environment. It’s so important in this fast paced and changing world to ensure your home functions for you, on every level; physically, emotionally, mentally, aesthetically. When my eyes are happy with a room, I can relax, and let the world disappear for a while.

Rhianna – Sales Consultant 

I’m always keen to apply my love of interior design to my role at The Granary. Layout Design is really important when managing the flow of a space, by exploring the positioning of furniture and then deciding on the exciting styling elements too. I really enjoy getting to know our customers and helping them bring their space to life with the use of colour and texture.  

Having become a homeowner myself recently, I really empathise with our customers and the mixed feelings of frustrations and excitement that can come with moving house, so my aim is to make their journey as easy as possible. 

Top Tip: Have a chat with us if you need smaller furniture! We have large extending tables and corner group sofas in our showroom, but they will come in smaller sizes too, so by talking through your specific needs and looking at the restrictions of the space we can pair you up with the perfect pieces of furniture. 

Zara Sales Consultant

You may see me as a familiar face here in The Granary as well as Jarrold Home on 2.

Working across the two departments means I am in the unique position of knowing our whole furniture range and this allows me to guide you to the best options for your home.

Helping people is my passion and in my 6 years of retail experience I’ve worked on some exciting projects of varying sizes.

I really enjoy styling our home departments with the ever changing and exciting stock, whether its furniture or our designer gift selection.

I am a real Norfolk girl at heart. If I am not in the store, you will find me on the coast come rain or shine.

I will be here to help and guide you through our amazing collections from huge corner groups to the tidy two-seater to create a lovely cosy space.

Top Tip: Measure, measure, measure! To kick start your search, always come with your measurements, not only for the room but also think of how your new piece of furniture will get into your home!

Jim Sales Consultant

With an extensive clothing retail background and a degree in fashion, I decided to take the deep dive into furniture and home interiors.

My passion is design and how interiors, like clothing, is used as an extension/outlet of our personality. A key piece for me is the range of sofas and armchairs all ideal for movie nights or the “must binge now” series.

Top Tip: Your home. Your space. YOUR RULES!

Anna Sales Consultant

My passion is helping others make their house feel like a home.

For me it is not about chasing every current trend in Interior design but matching great design with our customers personalities. With 15 years’ experience working in the unique and special Granary I enjoy building relationships with our shoppers, from helping them pick out that extra special wedding present to helping them find their perfect sofa, it is all about interaction for me.

Alongside my work in the sales team, I am also run my own creative practice making bespoke rugs. I call it “painting with wool”. I use many of the communication skills I have learnt in store in my creative work.

Top Tip: When designing a room, I always advise customers to look at what existing things must go into the room; this is part of putting your heart and soul into a space and it not just looking like a show room. It can help you select a colour palette and pick up on shapes and styling creating harmony among the furniture and accessories.

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