Wooden Furniture Care

At The Granary, we believe that fine wooden furniture should stand the test of time. With proper care and maintenance, the natural beauty of wood can be preserved for generations. Our guide below covers the basics of cleaning, polishing, and protecting your wooden furniture to keep it looking its best. Whether your pieces are antique heirlooms or new additions to your home picked fresh from us, here are some tips for keeping your wooden furniture looking its best:

Regular Dusting and Polishing

For ongoing care, wooden furniture should be dusted frequently and polished occasionally. Use a clean, soft lint-free cloth to gently dust all surfaces weekly to prevent dirt and dust buildup in crevices, corners, and carved details. Every 1-2 months, thoroughly polish the wood by applying a thin coat of furniture polish. Always use a fresh soft cloth, rubbing the polish carefully into the wood grain. Buff any excess thoroughly after application. The regular routine of gentle dusting followed by nourishing polishes applied with the grain preserves the natural beauty of the wood over many years while protecting it from residue buildup or drying out. It’s easy to let the dusting of cabinets to go on the wayside, here at The Granary we have a stunning range of cabinets available that are easy to dust and clean, lasting for years to come.

Protect from Sun Exposure

Wooden furniture should be properly cared for to maintain its beauty and prolong its life. One important consideration is protecting it from intense sun exposure. Direct sunlight can cause wood furniture to fade, dry out, and crack over time. The best approach is to position wooden pieces away from bright sunlight coming in through windows. Close curtains or blinds during the brightest times of day to shield furniture surfaces from the sun's ultraviolet rays. If the wood has an applied finish or stain, be sure to renew that protective coating about once per year. Applying a fresh layer of finish will enhance the safeguarding of the wood from damage by the elements. Proper placement around the home and yearly refinishing are simple but effective ways to care for treasured wooden furniture and promote its lasting beauty for years to come. Be cautious of extendable wooden tables as the hidden panels will naturally be exposed to less sun exposure, creating a hue contrast with the permanent tabletop. If you’re interested in your own extendable table, then we have a contemporary range here at The Granary.

Control Moisture

To prevent warping, swelling, and splitting, keep wooden furniture away from direct moisture sources like overflowing vases, humidifiers, and houseplants on pedestals. Use coasters, rug pads, and humidifier trays religiously to avoid water rings and damage from condensation. Here at The Granary, we have tasteful collection of wooden coffee tables that deserve your care and consideration when you’re enjoying a beverage. Maintain indoor humidity between 40-45% and use dehumidifiers in damp basements or rooms as needed. Check for early signs of issues like tiny cracks that may indicate the environment is too humid. With diligent monitoring and regulation of moisture levels in the home, wooden furniture can be properly protected from the damaging effects of excessive dampness over time.

Following these simple care and maintenance tips will help preserve beautiful wooden furniture for many years. With regular gentle cleaning, moisture control and protective handling, your wooden furniture can thrive season after season while retaining its gorgeous finish and antique value. A little bit of care goes a long way toward maintaining cherished wood heirlooms and investments.

If you’re interested in acquiring some new wooden furniture to display in your home, then perhaps you should peruse The Granary’s extensive online collection here.

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