How to Style a Sideboard

When it comes to home decor, a modern sideboard can be a versatile piece that offers both practical storage and an eye-catching display in a contemporary space. Although traditionally used for storing dinnerware, sideboards have evolved into a modern design element, where the outside display is just as crucial as the inside storage. In this guide, we'll share some straightforward guidelines on how to style a contemporary sideboard, allowing you to effortlessly create a stylish living area.

1. Choose a theme:

To create a cohesive and design-led look for your sideboard, it's important to first decide on a theme or colour scheme. This will help you choose pieces that complement or contrast each other, resulting in a cohesive and stylish display.

2. Consider Size:

The size of your sideboard is an essential factor to consider. A larger, statement piece can support a bold and impactful display, where you can play around with size and colour. On the other hand, a smaller or more subdued sideboard will benefit from a minimalist design approach, preventing it from appearing cluttered in modern and contemporary settings.

3. Add height: 

One way to add visual interest to your sideboard is by using objects that vary in height. You can achieve this by incorporating candlesticks, vases, stacks of books, or a tall lamp of different heights. This creates variation and breaks the monotony, making your room more visually appealing. By utilizing different heights, you can draw the viewer's gaze to various parts of the room and highlight your favourite pieces.

4. Group items: 

To create a modern and visually appealing sideboard display, follow the rule of three. This principle suggests that odd-numbered groupings, like threes and fives, are more eye-catching and visually appealing than even-numbered arrangements. By arranging items in groups of three, you can achieve a balanced and cohesive display that catches the eye.

5. Mix textures and shapes: 

Mixing various textures and shapes can add depth and dimension to your sideboard. Combining natural materials like wood and stone with man-made textures such as glass and metal creates a balanced and dynamic design. The Granary offers a variety of decorative accessories to bring your sideboard to life.

6. Add greenery: 

Incorporating greenery can soften and brighten up your sideboard while adding texture and height. While real plants can be challenging, our range of artificial plants offers zero-maintenance options. Browse our decorative accessories for a variety of plant options to enhance your sideboard display.

7. Edit your display:

As you discover new decorative pieces, your sideboard display will evolve over time. To keep it looking curated and visually appealing, editing is key. Step back and evaluate the display from a distance. If it looks cluttered, consider removing a few items or rearranging them to achieve a more balanced look. With a well-edited and carefully arranged sideboard display, you can elevate the style of your space.

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