Cinema Room Ideas

Whether you are a full-fledged cinephile or just enjoy a good movie night, a cinema room is the ultimate luxury for any home. It is not a space with a screen and a sofa but a room dedicated to the pursuit of entertainment through films, home-streaming or even gaming. Your cinema room should not have shared purposes or open-plan space with sounds and activities from other family members or functions. 

Whether it’s a subterranean space, a dedicated extension or an overlooked spare room, create your temple to all things Hollywood with our top tips. 

1. Keep it Simple

Your cinema room should be space where form really does follow function. There is no need for the ornamentation when the room will predominately be immersed in darkness.

Saying this, there is nothing quite like old-Hollywood glamour so embrace a style with nods throughout your scheme. Opt for deep coloured velvets or art deco features which will infer a cinematic feel without the full-on grand opulence of brocade. 

2. Set the mood

One of the joys of the cinema space is the dark and cocooning feeling you get as you enter. Opt for a deep, neutral colour palette including lush greens, midnight blues and rich reds. Our best advice when looking at colour would be not to forget the ceiling. You would usually leave the ceiling white to push light around the room but in the case of your cinema room, think more is more in terms of darkness. Take your dark wall colours all the way to the top and paint the ceiling a dark tone. 

3. See the light

With your cinema room, it’s all about the ensuring you create the perfect set for your scene. Choose lighting which creates a soft atmosphere; think of the low lighting when you walk into the screen space at the cinema. Situate smaller lights around the space which can be adjusted to create varying moods or opt for a lightshade which diffuses light. Materials such as feathers or coloured glass can set the mood while also being a statement in a relatively empty room. Our experts top tip would be to reduce the amount of reflective surfaces to create a true cinema experience. 

5. Carpeting

Now you’ve got the light right, it’s time to work on the sound. A successful cinema room needs soft flooring. Opting for carpeting will help absorb sound and prevent excess reverberation. If you have already opted for wooden or tiled flooring for aesthetics reasons, adding floor coverings or rugs can help reduce echo and add a little luxury to your home cinema. 

5. Take your Seat

A good chair can make or break your cinema room. Comfort is key and it’s important to find the position where you will be the most comfortable; do you like to recline? Cuddle up? Or both? Take a look at the variety of stylish yet comfortable seating available including our Linea range which has modular adaptability meaning you can create the perfect seating arrangement regardless of the living space. The niche shape and supplely ridged seat cushion make the Linea range an outstanding choice for those seeking a unique design-led look.

Class and practicality are abundant in Conform reclining chairs. With swivel and adjustment options as well as equally stylish footstools mean that you will find the ideal position and the perfect style statement.

6. Store Away

To achieve that clutter-free space you desire in your Cinema Room, we would suggest the inclusion of clever and cool storage. Whether you are looking to store away additional soft furnishings, movies or the essential cinema snacks, storage will ensure you make the most of your space and enhance the room aesthetic. Minimalist sideboards with harmonious lines will give you the storage space you require while ensuring the focus is on the screen. Choose a sideboard with veneers in matt finishes for a retro feel which offers unencumbering viewing from over design or reflection. 

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