Dining Room Chairs Buying Guide

Importance of Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs play an important role in your dining room as  they serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. When considering dining room chairs you will be considering many factors which this guide will help you navigate.  These factors include the look and feel of your room and the comfort of the chairs.  A dining room chair is a fundamentally a functional item which is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive place for a diner to sit.  Chairs also serve to improve the aesthetics of a room and can provide the centrepiece of a dining area.  Dining room chairs come in a variety of styles from traditional to modern.  The Granary specialises in modern contemporary furniture with a Scandinavian or Italian style so this guide will focus here.

What are the considerations for choosing Dining Room chairs for comfort?

Dining room chairs are typically made with high quality materials such as wood or metal and can be upholstered with fabric or leather.  A good dining room chair should be ergonomic which means they are designed in a way to promote proper posture and also support the users which is especially important for long meals, working at your dining room table or if you are hosting a dinner party where you are seated for a long period of time.

The top four factors to consider when choosing a dining room chair for comfort would include:

Seat Height, seat width and seat depth – At The Granary we recommend that the seat height of the chair should be such that the diner’s feet touch the floor and their legs are at a 90 degree angle so that when they are seated they are comfortable and their posture is correct.  We also recommend that the depth of the seat is such that the diner can sit back comfortably and that a seat depth of around 45-55cms is ideal for most people.  For many people the width of the dining room chairs depends on how many chairs they are placing around their table.

Backrest Height and backrest angle – The style of the back of the chair often affects it’s comfort.  A chair with back support often provides extra comfort around the lumbar area.  A chair with a curved or contoured back can help reduce strain on the back muscles.

Seat Material – Some dining room chairs are upholstered whilst others are just wood or metal.

Armrests – Armrests are rare on dining room chairs but they can provide some additional comfort especially during long meals but they can get in the way of comfortable eating or being able to push a chair in completely under the table.

The four factors should be considered when choosing dining room chairs as well as the considerations about find a style that suits your room.

A guide to choosing your dining room chairs

Size and Space –Of course the size and space of your dining room the most important factors to consider when choosing chairs for your dining table. Make sure that the chairs you choose fit comfortably in the room and that you are leaving enough space for guests to move around freely. When choosing your dining room set make sure that you consider the dimensions of the chairs and measure the available space in your dining room to ensure that the chairs will fit comfortably.

Budget - Dining room chairs can range from relatively inexpensive to quite costly, so it's important to determine your budget before you begin shopping.  If you are adding to your existing dining room table then you may want to find the matching set or simply a similar style.  Sometimes it’s possible to buy a chair made to be a lookalike of a more expensive design in order to fit your budget.

Lifestyle and Usage -  Do you have children or pets?  If so you may want to consider chairs that are easier to clean or more durable whilst if you entertain regularly you may want a style that is more comfortable and stylish.  Dining room chairs coming in a number of finishes so ask yourself what suits your lifestyle, do you need a durable finish which is easy to clean?  Do you work from home at your dining table?  If that is the case then choose chairs that are more supportive or ergonomic.

Personal Taste -  Our last tip is that it’s important to find dining room chairs that suit your personal taste.  Your dining room set will be a long lasting investment and you will need to live with the style which you choose.  Consider the style and colour of the chairs and make sure they will complement your room.

By taking all of these considerations into account the dining room chairs that you choose will be both functional and look great in your home for years to come.

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