Style your Coffee Table

The coffee table is often the focal point of any living room, yet it can be a decor dilemma if styled incorrectly. Cluttered surfaces and mismatched accessories make for an eyesore rather than an inviting oasis. Transforming your coffee table into a chic, polished centrepiece is easier than you think. With a few styling tricks and tips, you can makeover your coffee table in simple ways that maximize both aesthetics and function. From working within your existing décor to elevating the tabletop with purposeful objects and layers, small-yet-impactful changes can cohesively tie together your living space while showing off your personal taste. Read on for savvy styling secrets that will help you create a coffee table vignette that is both practical and pretty.

1.  Maximize Texture And Shape

To seamlessly incorporate your coffee table into a cohesive living room scheme, opt for a coffee table in neutral, natural materials like marble or wood that will blend in rather than dominate. While the table itself should be durable and provide space for decor, keep styling minimal, instead, focus on maximizing texture and shape over quantity of items. The more streamlined you keep the styling, the better the coffee table will coordinate with the overall room's look. Let the interesting shapes and rich textures of a few handpicked accessories on a simple coffee table speak volumes about your personal style.

2.  Keep it Minimal

When styling your coffee table, remember that keeping things minimalist is best, it helps to create a relaxing, clear environment. Use the overall look and theme of your living room to guide your coffee table styling. If the overall scheme is pared back, use the coffee table as a place to add interest with accessories but still aim for minimalism. For example, store books underneath and display a few meaningful keepsakes on top. No matter what, strive for a streamlined coffee table that complements the larger living room look without overwhelming the space. Regardless of the aesthetic appeal, functionality is key ensure there is sufficient room for everyday items such as coffee mugs or remotes.

Styling a round coffee table presents more challenges than styling a square one. A great option is to arrange three items in a "stylist's triangle" with staggered heights, one tall, one short, and one mid-sized piece to create a visual interest.

3.  Tray Simplicity

Styling your coffee table with a tray is a practical and decorative solution simply and fill it with eye-catching items to create an interesting vignette. Trays allow you to easily switch up the styling seasonally or for occasions, prevent everyday items from cluttering up the whole table, and provide versatility. When you need clear table space, you can simply remove the decoration-filled tray and have a clean slate to place food and drinks. You can even use the tray to transport everything from the kitchen to the living room in one go, and then just slot it right onto the coffee table.  Our exclusive range of Ethnicraft Trays and Tray Tables here at The Granary are a great place to start.

4.  Levels and Scale 

When styling your coffee table, play with levels and scale to complement your living room's proportions. If you have low ceilings, opt for a low-profile coffee table. With tall ceilings, create interest with a two-tier design or use a floral display for visual impact. Get the scale right by limiting decor pieces to about a third of the table's height to prevent an overwhelmed look. Whether your style is colourful or clean white, properly scaled items keep your coffee table from appearing cluttered and cramped.

If you're struggling to find the right style for your coffee table, perhaps it’s time to replace it. But if you feel too attached to let go, you can always relegate it to a secondary spot like the conservatory, summer house or use it as a side table elsewhere in your home. If you're unsure what coffee table to get as a replacement, browse the diverse online selection available here at The Granary, or in our store where you can see options up close. With the right new coffee table, your living room will feel fresh and styled to perfection.

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